Tuesday, December 28, 2021

How Home Nursing Aids Can Deal With Depression in Seniors

Many seniors are not going to come right out and tell their home caregiver they are depressed, but there are warning signs that can identify depression. Here is a look at what to look out for and how to deal with seniors who are experiencing depression.

The Causes

Seniors who have recently suffered some sort of injury and those who are dealing with a chronic illness are prone to bouts of depression. The fact that illness or injury has affected a senior means that their independence has also been affected. This can be tough to contend with.

There are other causes of depression, such as the death of a loved one, the onset of retirement, or a change in living arrangements. Whatever the exact cause, the one commonality is that there is some kind of change in the senior’s life. A good senior caregiver Shelby NC will be able to recognize a cause.

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The Signs

Some signs of depression in seniors are obvious, while others are a bit more subtle. A change to one’s eating or sleeping habits are both indicators that depression may exist. While some seniors may have always been very opinionated, showing more irritability is another strong indicator.

An experienced caregiver knows it’s best to look for changes in a senior’s routine, and that they could appear in a wide array of areas. Seniors who suddenly stop being active or show a different side to their personality could be suffering from depression. It is important to be on the lookout for these signs as it could be just as serious as a physical ailment.

The Treatment

The first signs of depression should be relayed to a senior’s primary care physician. They will have more answers than family members. Once the doctor makes the determination that there is depression, treatment methods will be recommended. Those methods could range from counseling to medication.

Sometimes, simply talking about their problems can help seniors. Part of the treatment process includes acknowledging that there is a problem. A senior caregiver should know that he/she is not expected to cure all those depression problems. However, recognizing the symptoms and understanding the causes can help out a great deal moving forward.

Helping Hands Nursing Service is ready to refer a team of professionals trained and experienced to help seniors improve their quality of life. Families can look forward to less stress and more peace of mind by hiring an experienced elderly care specialist from Helping Hands Nursing Service.

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See below to find more information along with support for depression and other mental health illnesses:

SAMHSA’s National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

SAMHSA’s National Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service (in English and Spanish) for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Ways for Home Caregivers to Help Seniors Maintain Independence

Proper home care for an elderly person requires more than just the essentials of keeping them safe, nourished and busy. It should also strive to help seniors maintain their independence as that is an important part of the aging process. Here are some helpful ways to ensure that kind of independence.

Hygiene Assistance

Some seniors may neglect to maintain their hygiene because of the difficulty involved with the task. A home caregiver can assist with tasks like grooming and bathing will enable seniors to look their best and boost their confidence. Seniors will feel more comfortable with themselves when they look their best.

Help with Mobility

While senior care specialists are not trained in physical therapy, they can help seniors with daily exercise. A short walk is much more appealing when a senior has some companionship or someone to motivate them. Even if mobility is limited, a home nursing aid can help seniors around the house. Seniors who are more mobile often feel more independent.

Running Errands

Everyday to-do lists provide a sense of accomplishment when they are completed. With the aid of a home caregiver, seniors can get out of the house and take care of normal errands most people take for granted. This enables seniors to feel as though are still just as capable as anyone else. Sometimes, just providing transportation allows seniors to do a great many things with their day.

Medication Checks

Over the course of a day, seniors may either forget or neglect to take their required medication. A nursing service caregiver can remind seniors to take their medication at the appropriate times. Simply reminding them still allows seniors to take the medication on their own without being forced. It also serves the purpose of maintaining their required daily dosage.

Meal Selection

An elderly care specialist is usually entrusted with meal preparation. Providing seniors with a few options will make them feel as though they are more in control of their diet. Simply serving one item could make seniors feel as though they are being force-fed like children. Allowing them to choose their meals from a limited selection establishes a form of independence.

The staff at Helping Hands Nursing Service of Shelby NC can see to it that your loved one is cared for while also finding ways to maintain their independence. Don’t trust your loved ones to any home nurse, turn to the experienced professionals at Helping Hands Nursing Service to find you the right help.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Home Care Offers a Variety of Options

Home care for the elderly is not defined with one specific option. Living arrangements differ from one family to the next, although home nursing care is a solution that can help in all types of situations. Here is a look at some of the different home care options from Helping Hands Nursing Service Shelby NC that can work for you and your loved one.

Move in with Family

People of all ages are most comfortable in their own homes. Having a family member move in with a senior citizen is an excellent way to provide senior care, presuming there is adequate space. Seniors often feel more at ease in their own space as it also helps maintain some level of independence. Another option is to have the senior move into the home of a family member, which is a popular option that often provides adequate space for everyone involved.

Hire a Full-Time Home Caregiver

Family members have their own lives and jobs, which could make it difficult to provide full-time care for a loved one. A home caregiver can be hired on a live-in or 9 to 5 basis. This will provide adequate home care Cleveland County NC on a consistent basis while also providing family members with a continual sense of security and peace of mind.

Hire a Part-Time Home Caregiver

Hiring a home nursing aid on just a part-time or as-needed basis will provide family members with some relief every now and then. This will allow family members to still contribute to the overall home care and there will not be as much of a financial burden when it comes to hiring help. This option will also keep family members from becoming overworked with the additional nursing care duties.

Set Up Meal Delivery

While some seniors are capable of spending time by themselves, some tend to be neglectful when it comes to their meals. Arranging for a meal delivery service is a way to make sure they stay nourished and also get healthier meals on a regular basis. Maintaining a proper diet is especially important for seniors which is why meal preparation is an integral part of home nursing care.

Helping Hands Nursing Service offers a variety of options when it comes to home care. Able to refer a trained and experienced team of nursing service professionals, we can find the right type of care for your loved one. Helping Hands Nursing Service is ready to provide relief while enhancing the quality of life for your entire family.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Senior Care Indoor Winter Activities

Winter weather could mean lots of time spent indoors, especially for senior citizens. Senior home care can still include some fun things to do during the winter months without having to leave the house. Here are some examples of ways that seniors can pass the time during the winter months.


Certain foods can fill the air with pleasant aromas. Baking cookies or preparing homemade garlic bread provides a heartwarming aroma within the home. Not only is it an easy and fun activity, but smells can also create nostalgia and bring back fond memories. There is also a sense of accomplishment that comes when seniors contribute to cooking.


Most seniors have lots of pictures, many of which are often piled up in a box. Taking out those pictures and organizing them will not only occupy time, but it will also allow seniors to reflect on past memories. This could also get them talking and even turn a dour mood one into a much happier one.

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Keep a Journal

Getting in touch with your creative side is never a bad thing. Starting a journal is a great way to keep busy and create something that could be passed on down through the family. Encouraging seniors to write about their past can help them relive those days while also bringing out the artist in them.

Online Classes

You are never too old to learn something new. Find a topic of interest, then find an online class. It can be a local community college or a distance learning program. There are also thousands of college teaching lectures available for free if you prefer listening in. Learning new things can make people feel much younger and really enhance their self-worth.


There are plenty of exercises that seniors can do in the winter months during home care. Lifting light dumbbells, practicing yoga, daily stretching and using a senior workout video are all great ways to stay fit and keep busy during the winter. Your NC nursing service professional can guide you through safe easy moves to liven your energy.

Invite a Friend

Some seniors can talk for hours when they get together. It’s always a good idea to extend an invitation to stop by, no matter what time of the year. Assuming the other person has a means of transportation, the hours could pass with both conversation and companionship.

Helping Hands Nursing Service provides top quality referrals of caregivers experienced in elderly care. If you are looking for a home caregiver you can rely on, contact Helping Hands Nursing Service in NC and see why our home care services are so effective.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Ways to Make a Home More Senior Friendly

Elderly care offered by a home care specialist can enhance the quality of life for you or a loved one. However, proper care is not just limited to hiring an elderly care specialist. Here is a look at some ways to make a home more senior friendly.


The bathroom is a prime place for slip and falls. To ensure this does not happen, it is a good idea to elevate the toilet while also installing a grab bar next to it. A roll-in shower makes bath time much safer and there are plenty of options when it comes to showerheads. Handheld shower heads are very popular and more accessible. There is also the option of lowering the sink and ensuring there is appropriate room for knee clearance. Stylish and functional, slip resistant floor and shower mats can be another nice addition to a bathroom.


Open space is a senior’s best friend in the kitchen. Raising the dishwasher is another way to keep seniors from having to bend over into difficult positions. Storage space should also be easily accessible. This means moving everyday used items to the easiest reached areas while trying to eliminate anything from being out-of-reach, especial high up. This will help reduce any need for them to use step stools or ladders. Non-slip flooring is another good idea, which can also be used in bathrooms.


It’s not uncommon for a senior to trip on a raised entryway. If there is a step leading into the front door, adding a small ramp can solve the problem. The same remedy would suffice in other areas of the home as no-step entryways are much safer for senior in-home care Shelby NC.

Door Handles

It is not always a simple task for seniors to grab a doorknob and spin it with the right amount of pressure. Lever door handles can replace traditional door knobs, many of which require just a few pounds of pressure to open.

Electrical Outlets

Mounting electrical outlets more than a foot off the ground makes for easier use and less chance of a fall. This will take some electrical work, but it is not considered a major renovation.


Every room in the home should be equipped with an ample amount of lighting. This is a relatively easy fix that could come with adding some more lamps or using higher wattage light bulbs.

However, the brightest lamp does not help if the switch cannot be found. For that reason, a good amount of thought should go into imaging how an elderly person will likely move through a home. While doing this, ensure there is enough "nightlights" for them to make it to a main light switch safely. Track lights and sensor activated lights, lights that turn on when it detects motion, are options as well.

Sometimes the best thing for seniors to have is a helping hand. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Helping Hands Nursing Referral Service Inc can provide the kind of home care every senior deserves. This can be for a few hours each week or 24-hour a day of at-home nursing service Shelby.

If you and/or a loved one are in need of a senior caregiver in Shelby, NC, Helping Hands Nursing Service has a solution for you.

Monday, July 26, 2021

What to Look For in a Quality Caregiver

Hiring a caregiver to look after a loved one is something that should require careful thought. When conducting a search for nursing services, here are some necessary qualities to look for.


This is much different than sympathy as caregivers who have empathy can put themselves in the position of the person they are caring for. This enables them to provide the kind of home care they would want for themselves. Empathy can truly make a wealth of difference.


Time is of the essence as a senior caregiver needs to be punctual. Not only do you need to count on them to be there, but they must also be able to deliver on their promises. Daily schedules and routines cannot be followed without reliability.


Elderly people are not always the easiest to deal with as some can become confused, irritable and rather difficult at times. However, patience can calm down the caretaker as well as the person being cared for. Patience will create a pleasant mood within and make things easy to manage.


Anyone can make the claim that they are a world-class caregiver, so it’s wise to get a second opinion. Ask for phone numbers of previous patients and employers. It won’t hurt to do a little asking around for yourself.


Part of being a home care specialist means providing companionship. You don’t want to hire someone who is going to sit there and stare at their phone all day. Look for someone who is engaging and doesn’t hesitate to initiate conversation or new activities.


Not every elderly person is going to come right out and divulge everything that is on their mind or voluntarily tell you what may be bothering them. Elderly care providers who continually ask questions wind up finding more solutions. A quality caregiver always asks a lot of questions and listens.


Experience should apply to your loved one’s specific condition. For example, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, you need to look for a caregiver who has worked with someone who had Alzheimer’s in the past. This way they know what to expect and how to provide proper care.

Helping Hands Nursing Service refers only experienced and qualified caregivers to provide your loved with the care and companionship they deserve. For the very best in senior care and home care, contact https://HelpingHandsNursingService.com today and make life easier for you and your loved one.

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Benefits of Social Media in Senior Care

Social media has no age limit or requirement. Anyone of any age can enjoy all the benefits social media has to offer by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Helping Hands Nursing Service of Shelby shares how social media can benefit seniors in elderly care.

Reconnect with Old Friends

Facebook has become a way for friends to reconnect and to find out just how someone from your past is doing. It is also relatively simple to operate and navigate. Seniors could find former classmates, friends, co-workers and more. The immensity of pictures on Facebook is also an added bonus.

Enhance Communication With Younger Relatives

The younger generation seems to live online as social media has become such a huge part of their existence. When an elderly person becomes involved with social media, it allows for a better connection with their younger relatives, who are more prone to communicate on social media nowadays.

Health Tips

Social media is packed with health tips, practices and advice for seniors. Being able to utilize social healthy senior home care and things seniors can do to improve their health.
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media will allow seniors to get in touch with more of what is going on in with their health. There is an abundance of valuable information on

Make New Friends

There are other seniors out there also utilizing social media. This is a way for seniors to connect, talk and share stories. Not all seniors are mingling with new people outside of the house, but social media gives them a chance to make new friends all over the world.

family vacation photo

Stay Updated With Family

Family photos, daily excursions and all their latest happenings are usually posted to social media right away. This will allow seniors to follow everything that is going on in the lives of family members. It will also allow seniors to enjoy those moments as they happen.

Online Discounts and Deals

If you hang around long enough on social media, you are bound to find a few deals. Seniors can take advantage of online discounts and coupons which are often a result of using social media on a regular basis.

When you are in search of an elderly caregiver service, contact the team of professionals at Helping Hands Nursing Service. Providing top quality home care referrals, we can provide your loved one with an experienced elderly caregiver who can improve the life of your entire family.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

How Senior Care Can Help Reduce Hospital Visits

Senior care not only provides a means of companionship, but it also has its share of health benefits. If your loved one has the company of a senior caregiver, there are numerous ways it can help reduce the chances of making a trip to the hospital. HelpingHandsNursingService.com can help you get the best senior care to fit your needs.

Maintaining Medication 

Quite often, the quickest way to the emergency room for a senior is to neglect their prescribed medication. A major part of effective nursing service is to make sure seniors always take their medication at the appropriate times. Overseeing this function is a major part of the job is especially important for seniors with some kind of heart condition.

Less Chance for UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) 

One of the main reasons seniors experience a UTI is because they are not getting enough fluids in their system. This can lead to even more serious infections. Having home nursing service is a way to make sure seniors stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. 

Builds Stronger Bones 

The key to building strong bones is to maintain some form of daily exercise in addition to maintaining a proper diet. An elderly care specialist can see to it that your loved one is eating nutritious meals and is also not spending the day just sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Getting up and going for daily walks or doing some indoor exercises are two more keys to building strong bones. 

Reduces Chance of Hip Fracture 

Slip and falls are the main cause of hip fractures and having a senior caregiver on hand can significantly reduce that risk by keeping the home free from obstacles and making sure seniors use their appropriate equipment, such as canes and walkers. The key to avoiding a slip and fall is to always keep a watchful eye. 

Stop the Spread of Germs 

Washing your hands frequently is a primary way to ward off germs. This may seem rather simple, but is often overlooked by so many seniors. Making sure that seniors continually wash their hands could prevent the spread of flu or pneumonia, which could lead to serious health problems. 
Helping Hands Nursing Service strives to help our clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Companionship is just one service provided to each client. When it comes time to hire an elderly caregiver in NC, contact Helping Hands Nursing Service and let us put your mind at ease.

Monday, April 26, 2021

The Benefits of Hiring a Caregiver

There is a high demand for caregivers in the current economy as senior care does not have to be limited to a nursing home anymore. Caregivers can help seniors maintain their daily routines while also easing the burden of family members. Here’s a look at the benefits that come with hiring an in-home caregiver.


Many seniors not only suffer from declining health, but a good deal of them also suffer from loneliness. That can lead to a feeling of isolation as family members go on with their daily lives. Home care can provide seniors with someone to talk to and keep them company over the course of a day. That can go a long way towards healthier living.

Reducing Injuries

Seniors are susceptible to slip and falls while something like a broken hip can lead to even more serious health issues. Having someone around to keep an eye on an elderly person and help them with normal everyday activity could prevent debilitating injuries. The presence of a home nursing aid can also prevent seniors from doing something that might be considered high risk or dangerous.

Peace of Mind

Family members can go about their daily routines with a sense of comfort when they hire an elderly caregiver referred by Helping Hands Nursing Service. The constant worry of a loved one will be gone and it will allow family members to be more productive in their own lives and manage time more efficiently.

Less Risk of Illness

When an elderly person is forced to be around a lot of other elderly people, the spread of germs is more prevalent. That means the chance of getting sick is greater in a nursing home or live-in senior community. Keeping a senior at home and away from any illness or infection is a definite health benefit.


Seniors can continue with their daily routine as caregivers are assigned to help them with their day-to-day living. Seniors can still do weekly tasks like shopping for groceries, although they will have the benefit of transportation. Seniors are also free to make their own decisions on a day to day basis in regards to schedules, meals and other activities.

If you are looking for a quality caregiver to help your family, contact the professionals at Helping Hands Nursing Service. Elderly care has never been better as a senior caregiver is waiting to help your life become a little bit easier.

Monday, March 29, 2021

How Caregivers Can Help Improve Senior’s Health

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It does not always take a doctor to prescribe a remedy for improved health. In fact, this does not require a medical solution. Here are some ways that an elderly caregiver can improve the health of a senior citizen.

Reduce Chance of Alzheimer’s 

It has been medically proven that people who exercise on a regular basis have less of a chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This occurs because of more blood flow and it also serves as a brain stimulant. Caretakers can help seniors to exercise, even that includes just a walk around the block.

Decrease Stress

This can be the result of getting the required hours of sleep and an ample amount of relaxation. Caretakers oversee daily schedules while their attitude, conversation and approach to seniors can lead to an overall positive atmosphere which can actually work to decrease stress.

Strengthen the Mind

Social interaction leads to a stronger mind, so it is important to keep seniors interacting. Conversation is an excellent method as is having seniors engage in social groups throughout the week. Having a senior caretaker constantly stimulating a senior’s mind can lead to positive results and that can happen through simple activities within the home.

Enhance Quality of Life

Quality of life is comprised of mental, emotional, social and physical health. While a home care specialist cannot prescribe medical treatments, he/she can do a lot in terms of improving a senior’s mental, emotional and social states. Challenging seniors mentally, making them feel good emotionally and keeping them busy socially can help lead to a longer life span and healthier living.

Avoid Depression

It is common for depression to follow a good deal of medical setbacks, such as a heart attack, stroke or broken hip. Seniors on a strict diet need to still be able to enjoy their food and a caretaker can cover that with meal preparation. Seniors with physical injuries can be helped with stretching and minor exercise done around the house. Caretakers can also serve as listeners and confidants for seniors who may have fear and anxiety over a condition. Remember that listening helps a lot.

Helping Hands Nursing Service has a staff of qualified senior care specialists who can help enhance the quality of life. There is a commitment to excellence and dedication to every senior that benefits from the expert home care services provided by Helping Hands Nursing Service.

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Anatomy of a Successful Caregiver

Caregivers come into someone’s home and immediately play a major role. This can lead to many positive results for seniors as well as their family members. Here are some things to look for in a successful home caregiver

Communication of Expectations 

Home nursing care can be a broad subject, so it is important for caregivers to know exactly what is expected of them. If an older person has an accident, falls asleep, or refuses to eat, caretakers should know exactly how to respond. That does not come without communication and exploring any possible scenarios with the family.

A Smiling Senior

There is tremendous value in a smile. Family members who are able to see their elderly loved ones smile at the end of a day also find themselves reaping the benefits. Family members who come home to find their elderly loved ones just staring at a television tend to carry around some guilt and they can also lay blame to ineffective home care giving. 

A Lot of Questions

Good at home nurses and caregivers ask lots of questions. How else are they going to get to know the best way to care for each client? Every client is different and there is no universal approach that an elderly care specialist can use on every senior. Getting to know a senior’s likes, dislikes, preferences and how their daily life operates is key to doing a successful job.

Caregivers should limit personal cell phone usage
No Cell Phone Addicts

Nothing screams more inept than a caregiver who stares at their cell phone all day. Senior caregivers are not hired to entertain themselves, but to look after someone else. That cannot happen if their sights are constantly focused on their phones.

Capable Listeners

Good caretakers are good listeners. They also know not to correct elderly clients who may be experiencing a bit of memory loss. Doing so is not always productive and could bring about frustration for the seniors. Letting seniors talk for a while is a benefit in itself.

Activity Enthusiasts

Just because people are older it does not mean they should be confined to sitting on a couch or lying in bed all day. Seniors can still do things and great caregivers will encourage them to engage in some type of activity. That could include simple things like cooking, walking, dancing or even scrapbooking. There is no reason a caregiver should not have some things lined up for seniors to do. 
elderly senior man enjoy Oktoberfest celebrations
Helping Hands Nursing Service Inc. NC prides itself on its excellence when it comes to home care services. With trained and experienced nursing service specialists, Helping Hands can help usher in a better life for seniors and their families.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How a Caretaker Can Make for Better Senior Living

Hiring a senior care specialist is a way to provide seniors with a safer, more productive living arrangement. There are practices a senior care specialist can use to help elderly people maintain their health as well as keeping them from suffering any injuries within the home. Here’s a look at some of the ways a senior caretaker can make for better senior living.


A simple walk outside is a great form of daily exercise. Seniors are more prone to take that walk when they have someone to accompany them. On rainy days, exercise can take place indoors as something as simple as stretching can work to improve a senior’s mobility and flexibility.

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Healthy Eating

Meal preparation will not only make sure a senior is keeping up with their eating, but it is also a way of making sure they are getting the proper nutrients and vitamins. Seniors have a tendency to neglect their nutrition when they are alone, although a home care nurse can make sure each meal is packed with nourishment.

Minding the Mind

There are many different ways to try and keep a senior’s mind sharp. Simply asking questions can help stimulate their mind and get them talking. Word games and puzzles also serve as a benefit.

Removing Clutter

One duty of a home care specialist is to perform light housekeeping duties. This will remove clutter from inside the home and help keep seniors from any unnecessary slip and falls. Keep in mind that many falls occur as a result of clutter.

Household Activity

The day moves by faster when there are things to do. There are plenty of simple things to occupy time around the house. Going through old photo albums, baking cookies, organizing a closet, folding laundry, singing songs and working on a craft are all things seniors can do with a caretaker.

Medication Check

While a home caregiver is not an actual nurse, ensuring that medication is taken at the appropriate times is a duty that can easily be fulfilled. An elderly services specialist can see to it that pills are taken when necessary over the course of a day.

For those interested in hiring a senior caregiver, Helping Hands Nursing Service continues to make lives easier for elderly citizens. There are so many benefits that come with hiring nursing aids at Helping Hands has the qualifications and experience to see to it that elderly care in the home is done right.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Help Should Be Wanted After an Early Hospital Release

When a patient is released early from a hospital stay, it is usually a positive occurrence. However, many families are often unprepared for this event and have no post-hospital plan in place. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, coming up with a care plan is not always at the top of everyone’s to-do list.

Two female patients in recovery.
That is okay. There is a solution that can solve this issue and that solution comes with hiring a professional nursing aid or elderly caregiver. Now, that does not mean you will need to hire a nurse who will come in and conduct daily diagnoses and treatments. It means that you could use a helping hand to ease you through this transitional time.

Hiring a home care specialist means having someone to assist with daily duties that include meal preparation, shopping and transportation. It is basically a way to ease the overall burden of running a household while taking care of someone who is fresh out of the hospital.

One of the mistakes people make when transitioning someone back into the home after a hospital stay is neglecting the amount of supervision they will need. Most times, those individuals are not as capable as they were prior to their hospital stay. While the physical conditions of each person vary, it generally takes seniors more time to return to their old form. And what was once considered simple tasks may not be so simple anymore.

Another oversight many people make is ignoring the new symptoms that a recently-discharged patient may have. There needs to be reasonable expectations set for their recovery time. Doctors can usually explain these expectations before the actual discharge, and it is important to heed those words.

Hospital stays come with around-the-clock care as nurses are always within earshot. Back in the home, immediate attention is not always readily available. Now, that does not mean a 24 hour nursing care aid is necessary upon every hospital discharge. However, having a home caregiver around for a few hours a day can provide a smoother transition back to normal residential living.

Many times, home care services are a big part of the recovery process and something everyone should consider when being released from the hospital. It could be a very helpful step on the road to recovery.

Helping Hands Nursing Service can provide a professional home caregiver to ease your transition back to your home following an early hospital release. Top quality nursing and home care services in Shelby, NC are only a phone call away.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Being a Caregiver Takes Its Toll on Families

Being a caregiver can take its toll on families and loved ones. But those who are the recipients of home nursing care in Shelby NC are not the only ones that experience health issues. Family members who act as a senior caregiver can see their own health decline.

Multiple studies have shown that those who care for a family member or loved one, with an ailing physical condition, experience symptoms of their own. Those symptoms include anxiety, stress, depression and a low state of emotional well-being. Just as elderly and sick patients need support, so do caregivers.

There is a level of attachment that comes with caring for someone and when a person’s condition weakens, the angst is often felt by the caregiver as well. There is both a physiological and physical strain that can develop over the course of time. Because of those effects, caregiving has been labeled a major public health issue.

This can not only be damaging to the caregiver, but it can affect the person being cared for as well. That means family caregivers have more influence than they may believe. So while it may seem more economical for families to take care of their loved ones, it can be damaging to everyone involved.

This kind of research and discovery has led to the evolution of the home care profession. A professional caregiver referred by Helping Hands Nursing Service in Shelby is trained to deal with these situations, which will help the recipients of senior care as well as their families.

There has even been the introduction of a term called Caregiver Stress Syndrome. Even those with the biggest of hearts face the possibilities of neglecting themselves while acting as a senior caregiver.

The good news is there is relief in sight for those who are stressed and burdened with caring for a family member or loved one. Home nursing care has evolved to provide a better life for seniors and their families. Some people may tend to believe that entrusting someone else with the care of a family member shows a lack of concern. However, it is just the opposite. Hiring a home nursing aid has proven to enhance the well-being of entire families.

If you or a loved one are in need of home care services, Helping Hands Nursing Service has a solution for you. With a trained registry of Shelby NC senior caregiver specialists, the stress and worry that comes with taking care of a loved one can quickly become a thing of the past.  

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Monday, October 26, 2020

The Difficulties of Taking Care of a Loved One

Taking care of a loved one, who is getting older, can become quite stressful. There is a lot that goes into caring for an elderly family member, and it can quickly become an overwhelming task. Hiring a senior caregiver in Shelby NC can ease the burdens on families and here is a look at how it will help combat the following difficulties that come with taking care of a loved one.

Stair lifts can improve independence and mobility.


There are so many devices and services available to elderly citizens. There are home modifications that can make a home more senior friendly. This also comes in handy when there is some sort of handicap. However, many people are unaware of all these services and devices, but it is common knowledge among elderly caregivers.


Around-the-clock caregiving is too much to ask of any one individual says Helping Hands Nursing Referral Service in Shelby NC. When caregiving becomes a full-time job for a family member, patience can wear thin. Having a professional home care specialist to help out, will lessen the loved one’s responsibilities. This will lead to more patience, and a better use of the time spent with an elderly family member.


A lack of sleep can lead to a variety of problems. Caring for a loved one without any assistance could mean late nights and early mornings. A good night’s sleep will do wonders for someone’s mood, health and state of mind. Hiring a nursing aid will help family members get some much-needed and well-deserved rest.


Family members caring for a loved one often find themselves tired and drained. With some assistance, they can finally summon enough energy to get back into some regular form of exercise, which will lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Caring for a loved one generally places a lot more stress on that caretaker, even if it is inadvertent. Stress could ultimately affect the relationship between the caregiver and their loved one. So many responsibilities occupy the caregiver's time, there is no time to just be a loved one. Most people have a hard time dealing with stress, and one way to overcome stress in caregiving is to hire a Shelby home care nurse. Lowering stress levels will also lessen the chance of resentment towards that elderly family member.

When it comes time to hire a senior care specialist, call on the professionals at Helping Hands Nursing Service, Inc. With decades of experience, Helping Hands Nursing Service will take away the difficulty that comes with taking care of a loved one and help enhance the quality of life for entire families.

Friday, September 25, 2020

What Senior Caregivers Should Know About Therapy for Their Clients

Every senior caregiver is eventually going to encounter a client who is undergoing some form of therapy. It is important to know there are different kinds of therapy for seniors. Physical therapy and occupational therapy both serve different purposes and functions. Helping Hands Nursing Service Inc of NC shares some helpful hints for caregivers.

Physical therapy treats some type of physical injury. This form of therapy does not just deal with injuries that result from an accident or fall. Physical therapy also treats individuals who have suffered some kind of illness, such as a stroke. The goal of physical therapy is to create a routine that is aimed at returning the patient to their condition prior to suffering an illness or experiencing an accident.

Physical therapy often makes use of exercise equipment in an effort to build up the affected area of injury. Elderly people often receive physical therapy after breaking a bone, suffering a stroke, or experience Osteoporosis.

Occupational therapy is a bit different in that it helps seniors who have experienced permanent loss in a certain area due to an accident or illness. Stroke victims can lose sensation in certain areas of their body, which forces them to readjust the way they live their daily lives. The impairments among those who undergo occupational therapy are permanent. This form of therapy is a way to help them adjust to life with that impairment.

A home caregiver may be asked to assist with some in-home activities that are part of a senior’s individual therapy plan. Those activities can be very important as they can help seniors maintain their independence, which is a primary function of an effective senior care specialist Shelby.

Occupational therapists find solutions in devices and contraptions that help make life easier for patients. Their aim is to enhance the ways seniors can still live independently.

Knowing the differences between these two types of therapy is key for an elderly care specialist. Furthermore, there could be consequences for seniors who do not follow through with their respective therapies. Future falls, risk of infection, and a reduction in the quality of life are all potential consequences.

Helping Hands Nursing Service will refer experienced home nursing aids who can help improve the quality of life for your loved one. When help is needed, call on a service with years of experience as Helping Hands Nursing Service is ready to provide you with home nursing care at its finest.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Helping Hands Keeps on Helping the Community

Helping Hands Nursing Service is more than a business that provides top quality senior care. That fact is evidenced by more than just a mission statement. The Helping Hands Nursing Service Shelby team continues to stay active in the community, promoting the kind of good will that has become synonymous with the company.

One of the recent community outreach programs involved registering participants at the Medical Screening Bus for the Mission Camp at the Cleveland County Fair, which took place in Shelby, NC. This was not just a way to help seniors medically, but also a way to show the importance of regular medical screening.

Around the holidays, the Helping Hands team participated in numerous themed tree decorations within senior living communities in the Shelby area. It is just one more example of a way to bring together people for a positive experience.

Much of this community involvement is the brainchild of Helping Hands owner Ruth Huffstetler. Her efforts have been able to create more than just a business, but a proud pillar of the community.

She also makes media appearances and recently appeared as a guest on a local radio show discussing Home Health vs Home Care and why caregivers are so prone to failing health. That served as one more chance for Ruth to share some of her valuable insight on the topic of elderly care.

Ruth was also proud to usher in Helping Hands’ 40th anniversary last year. That would not have been achievable without being so involved in the community. That involvement also includes charity events as Helping Hands also donated its time as part of the past American Legion World Series. Those efforts also helped contribute to an overall team effort for charity within the city of Shelby, NC.

Home care is all about people and what better way to reach people than by staying involved in the community. Ruth and the Helping Hands team provides more than just referrals for elderly caregivers, but professionals who truly enjoy helping other people. That is the true definition of community, one that Helping Hands lives and breathes every day.

If you or a loved one are in need of an elderly caregiver in Shelby, Helping Hands Nursing Service has a solution for you. A home caregiver can ease the burden on your whole family and provide some much-needed peace of mind. Contact Helping Hands Nursing Service today for the best home care service in North Carolina.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Helping Hands extends charity to American Legion World Series

Helping Hands Nursing Service, Inc teamed up with another local service to show how much it cares about charity. Teaming up with the Shelby Breakfast Rotary Club, Helping Hands once again hosted a team for the American Legion World Series, which played in Shelby from August 13-21, 2015.

American Legion Baseball has been a staple of communities across America, first established in 1925. Shelby, N.C. has the proud distinction of being the home of the American Legion World Series. During that week, baseball players, coaches, fans and American Legion members come to Shelby from all over the country.

American Legions players hands after a turn at the bat.
Helping Hands Nursing Service recognizes how important this event is to the community, which prompted a response in the form of charity. That came in the form of free events for visiting American Legion teams, which ran this year in the middle of August.

For Helping Hands Nursing Service, charity is not a once a year event, but something that is a part of the elderly care services that are provided to Shelby residents. Charity does not always mean donating money, it can also mean going that extra step to help someone in need. Charity can be that little extra something special that puts a smile on someone’s face.

While Helping Hands Nursing Service is dedicated to providing top-quality nursing, home care and senior care, there is also a conscious effort to make the community a better place. While specializing in elderly care is part of the everyday service, there is an ongoing effort to give back.

The American Legion became an important part of American society when it was started in 1919. Proud veterans span the globe as the American Legion membership now stands at 2.4 million with 14,000 posts worldwide. Selecting Shelby to host its World Series is truly an honor.

Helping Hands Nursing Home is also honored to provide home care services for North Carolina residents who have served in the armed forces. That demographic is part of the overall clientele at Helping Hands Nursing Service. There is the utmost respect paid to these brave veterans who have represented our country so gallantly. The Helping Hands staff works to emulate its own top-notch service as the top home caregiver in all of North Carolina.

This August, charity went hand in hand as Helping Hands Nursing Service aimed above and beyond to treat the American Legion baseball players to world class service in Shelby, North Carolina.


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