Friday, February 15, 2019

Ways for Home Caregivers to Help Seniors Maintain Independence

Proper home care for an elderly person requires more than just the essentials of keeping them safe, nourished and busy. It should also strive to help seniors maintain their independence as that is an important part of the aging process. Here are some helpful ways to ensure that kind of independence.

Hygiene Assistance

Some seniors may neglect to maintain their hygiene because of the difficulty involved with the task. A home caregiver can assist with tasks like grooming and bathing will enable seniors to look their best and boost their confidence. Seniors will feel more comfortable with themselves when they look their best.

Help with Mobility

While senior care specialists are not trained in physical therapy, they can help seniors with daily exercise. A short walk is much more appealing when a senior has some companionship or someone to motivate them. Even if mobility is limited, a home nursing aid can help seniors around the house. Seniors who are more mobile often feel more independent.

Running Errands

Everyday to-do lists provide a sense of accomplishment when they are completed. With the aid of a home caregiver, seniors can get out of the house and take care of normal errands most people take for granted. This enables seniors to feel as though are still just as capable as anyone else. Sometimes, just providing transportation allows seniors to do a great many things with their day.

Medication Checks

Over the course of a day, seniors may either forget or neglect to take their required medication. A nursing service caregiver can remind seniors to take their medication at the appropriate times. Simply reminding them still allows seniors to take the medication on their own without being forced. It also serves the purpose of maintaining their required daily dosage.

Meal Selection

An elderly care specialist is usually entrusted with meal preparation. Providing seniors with a few options will make them feel as though they are more in control of their diet. Simply serving one item could make seniors feel as though they are being force-fed like children. Allowing them to choose their meals from a limited selection establishes a form of independence.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Home Care Offers a Variety of Options

Home care for the elderly is not defined with one specific option. Living arrangements differ from one family to the next, although home nursing care is a solution that can help in all types of situations. Here is a look at some of the different home care options from Helping Hands Nursing Service Shelby NC that can work for you and your loved one.

Move in with Family
People of all ages are most comfortable in their own homes. Having a family member move in with a senior citizen is an excellent way to provide senior care, presuming there is adequate space. Seniors often feel more at ease in their own space as it also helps maintain some level of independence. Another option is to have the senior move into the home of a family member, which is a popular option that often provides adequate space for everyone involved.

Hire a Full-Time Home Caregiver

Family members have their own lives and jobs, which could make it difficult to provide full-time care for a loved one. A home caregiver can be hired on a live-in or 9 to 5 basis. This will provide adequate home care Cleveland County NC on a consistent basis while also providing family members with a continual sense of security and peace of mind.

Hire a Part-Time Home Caregiver

Hiring a home nursing aid on just a part-time or as-needed basis will provide family members with some relief every now and then. This will allow family members to still contribute to the overall home care and there will not be as much of a financial burden when it comes to hiring help. This option will also keep family members from becoming overworked with the additional nursing care duties.

Set Up Meal Delivery

While some seniors are capable of spending time by themselves, some tend to be neglectful when it comes to their meals. Arranging for a meal delivery service is a way to make sure they stay nourished and also get healthier meals on a regular basis. Maintaining a proper diet is especially important for seniors which is why meal preparation is an integral part of home nursing care.

Helping Hands Nursing Service offers a variety of options when it comes to home care. Able to refer a trained and experienced team of nursing service professionals, we can find the right type of care for your loved one. Helping Hands Nursing Service is ready to provide relief while enhancing the quality of life for your entire family.