Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How a Caretaker Can Make for Better Senior Living

Hiring a senior care specialist is a way to provide seniors with a safer, more productive living arrangement. There are practices a senior care specialist can use to help elderly people maintain their health as well as keeping them from suffering any injuries within the home. Here’s a look at some of the ways a senior caretaker can make for better senior living.


A simple walk outside is a great form of daily exercise. Seniors are more prone to take that walk when they have someone to accompany them. On rainy days, exercise can take place indoors as something as simple as stretching can work to improve a senior’s mobility and flexibility.

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Healthy Eating

Meal preparation will not only make sure a senior is keeping up with their eating, but it is also a way of making sure they are getting the proper nutrients and vitamins. Seniors have a tendency to neglect their nutrition when they are alone, although a home care nurse can make sure each meal is packed with nourishment.

Minding the Mind

There are many different ways to try and keep a senior’s mind sharp. Simply asking questions can help stimulate their mind and get them talking. Word games and puzzles also serve as a benefit.

Removing Clutter

One duty of a home care specialist is to perform light housekeeping duties. This will remove clutter from inside the home and help keep seniors from any unnecessary slip and falls. Keep in mind that many falls occur as a result of clutter.

Household Activity

The day moves by faster when there are things to do. There are plenty of simple things to occupy time around the house. Going through old photo albums, baking cookies, organizing a closet, folding laundry, singing songs and working on a craft are all things seniors can do with a caretaker.

Medication Check

While a home caregiver is not an actual nurse, ensuring that medication is taken at the appropriate times is a duty that can easily be fulfilled. An elderly services specialist can see to it that pills are taken when necessary over the course of a day.

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