Sunday, May 23, 2021

How Senior Care Can Help Reduce Hospital Visits

Senior care not only provides a means of companionship, but it also has its share of health benefits. If your loved one has the company of a senior caregiver, there are numerous ways it can help reduce the chances of making a trip to the hospital. can help you get the best senior care to fit your needs.

Maintaining Medication 

Quite often, the quickest way to the emergency room for a senior is to neglect their prescribed medication. A major part of effective nursing service is to make sure seniors always take their medication at the appropriate times. Overseeing this function is a major part of the job is especially important for seniors with some kind of heart condition.

Less Chance for UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) 

One of the main reasons seniors experience a UTI is because they are not getting enough fluids in their system. This can lead to even more serious infections. Having home nursing service is a way to make sure seniors stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. 

Builds Stronger Bones 

The key to building strong bones is to maintain some form of daily exercise in addition to maintaining a proper diet. An elderly care specialist can see to it that your loved one is eating nutritious meals and is also not spending the day just sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Getting up and going for daily walks or doing some indoor exercises are two more keys to building strong bones. 

Reduces Chance of Hip Fracture 

Slip and falls are the main cause of hip fractures and having a senior caregiver on hand can significantly reduce that risk by keeping the home free from obstacles and making sure seniors use their appropriate equipment, such as canes and walkers. The key to avoiding a slip and fall is to always keep a watchful eye. 

Stop the Spread of Germs 

Washing your hands frequently is a primary way to ward off germs. This may seem rather simple, but is often overlooked by so many seniors. Making sure that seniors continually wash their hands could prevent the spread of flu or pneumonia, which could lead to serious health problems. 
Helping Hands Nursing Service strives to help our clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Companionship is just one service provided to each client. When it comes time to hire an elderly caregiver in NC, contact Helping Hands Nursing Service and let us put your mind at ease.